CAD/CAE Design & Engineering

Precision Machining

CAD/CAE Design & Engineering

Using Siemens CAE/CAD/CAM software we design, model, and simulate our parts in 3D. We then use the same software to either generate cutting tool path that we download to our various CNC machine tools creating finished parts to exacting tolerances and repeatability regardless of quantity, or we will produce engineering drawings to issue to the shop floor. In the instance of a unique one off part or prototype, our design engineers and journeymen toolmakers will assist you with your design objectives. Their years of knowledge and experience will help you design the part so that it can be made precisely and efficiently. If necessary, we have a P.E. (Professional Engineer) on staff to ensure design integrity and adherence to engineering standards as it applies to your parts.

We can also capture 3D information by digitizing parts and components with our state of the art Portable CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). Our craftsmen can then reproduce your part to suit your design intent. This reverse engineering capability greatly reduces lead times and creates extremely accurate designs and dimensional integrity in the finished parts. Our parts fit right the first time.

Industry-specific experience in areas including:

  • High Performance Auto & Marine
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Extrusion Systems
  • Ballistic Armor Testing Equipment
  • Automotive Manufacturing & Assembly
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